Verkehr und Infrastruktur / Traffico e infrastrutture

25 (2016), 2



This issue on transport and infrastructure is dedicated to a particularly productive field of research into Alpine history, namely the interaction between transalpine commodity flows and circulations of humans and information on the one hand and the changes in local populations on the other. The emphasis on historical dynamics of measures affecting transport and infrastructure as well as the interplay and reciprocal effects of crossings, local circumstances, and relationships of exchange with the surrounding areas brings to the fore the perspective of the Alps as a lived-in environment and historical sphere of human experience.

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Verkehr und Infrastruktur / Traffico e infrastrutture




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Verwaltete Verwandtschaft. Eheverbote, kirchliche und staatliche Dispenspraxis im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert
Grenzkatholizismen. Religion, Raum und Nation in Tirol 1830-1848
Metternich. Stratege und Visionär
, (Hg.)
Imperial Subjects. Autobiographische Praxis in den Vielvölkerreichen der Romanovs, Habsburger und Osmanen im 19. und frühen 20. Jahrhundert
Sepp Innerkofler. Bergsteiger, Tourismuspionier, Held
Nationalsozialismus in Kärnten. Opfer. Täter. Gegner

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